How to Discover Hidden Beaches in Thailand

There are a million reasons to visit Thailand, such as tropical rain forests in the north, bridges over the River Kwai in the west at Kanchanaburi or soft white sand from the coast in the south to name a few. Many travelers head south looking for the perfect paradise, a place with deserted beaches surrounded by green palm trees and soft white sand to bury their toes inside. But the reality is they will end up on a beach that is as crowded as tourists as their flights there.

In southern Thailand you can find many beaches. Some will be packed with tourists, jet skies and banana boat rides while others will be hidden paradise. Now if you want the jet skies and banana boats then things are easy but if you seek out that little corner of paradise then you need to do a little more work. Holiday planning should be the most essential part of any holiday and it should entail more than a visit to your local travel agent to pick up some brochures.

Here I have listed outlined 7 points that I belief help in finding those hidden beaches in Thailand.

7 Points To Great Holiday Research

  1. Decided on what type of holiday you want, beach, city or forest break. If you want a combination of these then do the following 6 steps for each destination.
  2. Note down 5 phrases or words that come to mind when you think about your chosen destination.
  3. Put these phrases into Google or any other search engine you may use and have a look at the first page results, then ignore them.
  4. Move to page 2 and 3 and working your way down ignore hotel booking services and visit the web sites that seem like information pages and have some relevance to your searched term or phrase.
  5. Look for locations on these web pages that maybe you have never heard about or read about and take a note of the name.
  6. Search for this unknown location and take note of the number of pages with the term.
  7. The location with the least number of pages should now be your focus for your next holiday destination.

The Steps In Action:

Just in case you are not aware, I’m in love with Thailand beaches. When i think about them I get images of white sand, palm trees, blue waters, cool breeze and deserted beaches. I put these terms into my chosen search engine, Google for me, and here is what I find.

White sand Thailand returns 2.35 million results moving on to page 2 I ignore hotel booking service sites and see about half way down the page – Tropicals Islands in Thailand a quick scan produces two possible locations, Koh Larn and Koh Turatao. The later returns 1,380 results and Koh Larn shows 55,400 pages. I now have my first holiday research place, Koh Turatao.

A word of warning about finding a deserted beach. These areas are often far from commercial outlets, health centers, or local residents who speak English. This can be heaven when things are going well but if the unthinkable happens and you get sick or get hurt finding help can be a difficult task, just remember this before you go to the unknown.